Welcome to the Sky Valley Arts Council


Please join a conversation about the formation of a Sky Valley Arts Council on Monday July 28 2014

7 pm – 8:30 pm [open, no RSVP required]

Council Chambers Sultan City Hall 319 Main St Sultan WA 98294

We invite all interested persons, individual artists, preservationists, volunteers and individuals who lead arts and heritage organizations in the Sky Valley – Sultan to Stevens Pass – to join the discussion about the formation of a Sky Valley Arts Council.

The agenda for the Monday July 28th presentation/conversation will include introductions, a 30 minute overview of the draft Arts Council mission, followed by an open discussion of “What would you define as the top 2 priorities of a Sky Valley Arts Council?”



Sky Valley Arts Council is a community of individuals and organizations in the Sky Valley interested in developing creative and heritage activities as a viable element of the rural lifestyle and economic fabric of the valley.

We partner with individual artists, preservationists, and organizations to cultivate arts & heritage events, educational activities and a year around schedule of involvement for the community, Sky Valley Chamber & Cascade Loop visitors.

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The Sky Valley has numerous creative and heritage activities and a high interest in the support of many art forms.  There are scheduled festivals & events, museums with regular hours, workshops for various art forms and numerous destination activities by individual groups such as Plein Air Painting and Performance Arts Education.

The Sky Valley Arts Council will serve as an umbrella organization to promote, facilitate sponsorship and develop the arts and heritage experience as a viable element of the lifestyle, education and economy in the Sky Valley.

Our general mission statements are:


    • We support a diverse menu of programs for participation in the arts and historical preservation
      • Aligning the current offerings
      • Developing new ways to encourage involvement and expression
      • Building our reputation for arts in our communities and preservation of our historical perspective
    • We support arts education in our schools
      • Helping to maximizing the resources we have
      • Supporting teachers in integrating arts education with youth activities
    • We actively advocate for the arts at the region, state and federal level
      •  Seeking affiliation and participation for growth of our arts and heritage activities


    • We will conduct outreach and collaborate in all communications that will inform and help communities plan and keep arts and cultural activities in sync with the broader outdoor recreation and rural lifestyle of the Sky Valley


    • We will align with regional efforts to promote and develop the economic opportunities in our communities aligned with the arts and preservation.  We will actively partner with broader economic development initiatives of Washington State, Cascade Loop and Sky Valley aimed at the economic health of the valley