Board Meeting Notes


Sky Valley Arts Council is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit arts organization supporting the arts and heritage activities in the Sky Valley of Washington State.

Mailing address P.O. Box 18, Sultan WA  98294

Identification # 47-1916495





Pettelle Sculpture Waterfront Park Everett

Sky Valley Arts Council is an umbrella organization sponsoring, marketing and supporting the independent arts and heritage activities in the Sky Valley.

The Sky Valley has a very active arts and heritage culture – we partner with individual artists and arts organizations to cultivate art events, and heritage activities offered in the local communities.

With the restoration of the Startup Event Center we will use the building for the community; to support arts activity local programming and to provide a revenue source for administration, maintenance and marketing of the building and grounds.


  • We support quality programs in diverse art forms that serve locals and visitors – aligning current offerings and activities and developing new ways to encourage arts involvement in the community
  • We support arts and local heritage education and take steps to make art and heritage educational opportunities available


  • We will continually seek partners in arts and heritage to provide greater services and to enrich the cultural fabric of the Sky Valley


  • We will align with regional efforts to promote and develop the economic and cultural growth of our community – and actively partner with broader economic development initiatives of local communities, Washington State, Cascade Loop and Sky Valley Chamber aimed at the attractiveness and economic health of the valley


( We are currently working to develop an Event Center for the Sky Valley.  To serve as a community place for music, dances, stage performances, visual shows and educational workshops in arts and heritage topics.)

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