Startup Gym History

The Sky Valley Arts Council is pleased to announce their intention to restore the historic Startup Gym and put it back into community service as an event center. The Startup Gym has a colorful, story filled history beginning with its construction in 1937. George Startup, owner of a local saw mill, donated all of the wood used in the construction and community volunteers built this very sturdy building. According to locals the only thing that was hired out during the construction was a company to set the roof beams. Arts Council President Mary Ritzman said “The Sky Valley Arts Council plans to continue this proud Sky Valley tradition by using local volunteer talent to restore the building to its former glory. We are currently raising money to buy the materials we will need to restore the building.”  

The Sultan School District owns the property but due to budget constraints and the fact that the property doesn’t work programmatically for them the building has been neglected for many years. The Arts Council and the School District worked together to come up with a plan to save this important historic asset for future generations to enjoy.

Follow our blog posting for progress.


4 thoughts on “Startup Gym History

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  2. Thank you one and ALL for saving this building! I also have good memories of playing, going to dances, performing, and going to our games…AND the lunch room! I grew up living straight across the street! I have a picture of when the play shed blew down, but NONE of the grade/middle school and tennis courts. I have googled and Sultan just keeps coming up. I now live in Shelton but I would love to be able to find pictures of the original school, tennis courts, etc. Please email if you know where I can locate pictures. And again Thank you for all you are doing to restore great memories I have of my childhood there!

    • Hi Diana…thank you for your note. We have very few pictures and continue to search for resources just as you are doing. We will publish as we locate. We are having a community dance on February 13th and hope to hear many stories of life at the gym that evening. Join us if you can. Details of the evening will be posted on the wesite. You can also contact the Sultan Visitor Information Center for updates on the gym and related activities 360 793 0983

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