Electric Sky

Skykomish WA Planned in conjunction with Sky Art Week  June 22 – 28,  is Electric Sky, an art and tech weekend campathon June 26-28 bringing together artists, technologists, and other interested parties to collaboratively engage with the environment in new and exciting ways. This event is a cross between an artist retreat and a hackathon, with the goal of fostering interdisciplinary creativity and collaboration in an inspiring environment.

Both Sky Art Week and Electric Sky are happening in Skykomish Washington. Registration is required for each event activity.

How does Sky Art Week work?

We offer full day workshops  FREE  (9am-3pm) designed to allow people to engage with the town, the river, and the surrounding forest through various forms of creative media.  Workshops will take place in the Skykomish Masonic Hall to accommodate up to 40 participants.  The workshops are designed to be very inclusive and collaborative, allowing a diversity of people — elderly and young, locals and folks from “down below”, experienced artists and novices — to get to know one another. Registration is required for each day of Sky Art Week, if you have not done so already, please register now.

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How does Electric Sky work?

The registration fee for Electric Sky participation is $25 for adults, and $15 for children. We have a full schedule planned and provide an open creativity lab space …you bring your creativity. This event is unique in that the creativity lab includes the environment where you will be camping for a few days. How can you use the forest, the river, the railroad, or a small mountain town as your creative canvas? You may arrive with well-developed ideas and half-finished projects, or you may arrive with absolutely no idea what you want to do but are game to jump in and join a collaborative project. You may just be here to support your friends and family. Everyone is welcome to participate.
Eventbrite - Electric Sky