Startup Event Center Update


Our weekend rummage sale fundraiser for the restoration of the gym was a great success thanks to those who donated/attended/volunteered! Thanks to YOU the event sales and MATCHING funds from an anonymous donor from the SHS Class of ’55 …. totaled up to just over $5000!

Restoration Progress

Throughout the summer volunteers continued to repair windows and building exterior. 

Restrooms taking shape

Inside the old restrooms and locker room area was removed and new restrooms, dressing area and a supplies closet were planned, approved and now have been famed in.

The next major purchase is going to be lighting for the workroom, kitchenette and restrooms.  In addition we hope to get started on the exterior disabled access ramp and roof gutters.

Center and Events Sign

Over the next couple months activity will take place to install ‘Startup Event Center’ signs on the highway facing corners of the property.  These signs will serve to identify the event center AND will hold banners announcing local community/arts/cultural events – keeping everyone informed on whats happening in the Sky Valley.

Center marquee and banners rendition

Here is a rendition of the sign prepared by Kevin Pettelle for production.  The sign is funded by a Snohomish County Tourism grant, contributions and local volunteer hours.

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  1. This is all so exciting!!!! I hope to get involved in the future…
    (I have an Art background)… 😉

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