Progress Report

The ‘Lunchroom’ side of the Startup Event Center now has insulation, over a half mile of Cat6 cable AND drywall … creating a real sense of rooms.  Thanks to volunteers who installed the insulation and Cat6.  The Drywall was professionally installed by ‘Pat Green & Crew’ a local company and the tape and texture finish was professionally applied by Dan Broome of Zip Drywall.

Outside we have new plantings around the building from Heidi at Dreamscaping a local landscaping service and from Tony Koenig.


2 thoughts on “Progress Report

  1. Fantastic and it will look better and better! I can’t wait until I get my key back from Dan and check it out as it blossoms.

    The best,


  2. Very nice, congratulations to all the the volunteers and mostly to Debbie for all her magic

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