Landscaping and Update

With good weather comes the need to work on the landscaping at the Startup Event Center.

We have a plan for installing low maintenance gardens around the buildings and around the signs facing Route 2. We will be focusing on clearing and replanting the gardens at the front of the building over the next month.

Dave Coesens, owner of DC Rock/Sultan is planning to help out with his machines … but we could use another small tractor with a bucket this week/weekend… if you have such a tractor and could provide a few hours of work helping to remove the top layer of sod and weeds from our garden areas please call Debbie Copple [425-238-2651] or find her at the Sky Valley Visitor Information Center.

Here is an update on the rest of the project:

We’re refinishing the wood on the stairs and balcony.

The windows are nearly all repaired and most of the wood is ready for sealer.

The plumbing is nearly ready for inspection. Same for the electrical! (on the kitchen side)

The outside restrooms are nearly done getting painted inside. Then the plumbers will come in and finish installing the toilets.

The plaster arch over the stage is just about done. Then painting the main room can happen!

We still have a lot to do but we are hoping to have our permits to open in August.

Thanks to each and every one of you for the help and donations toward material costs. We are working nearly every Saturday and some of the other folks work during the week. Join us any Saturday.  Let me know of you need any more information.

Debbie Copple